Sophie Parkin

Sophie Parkin

Tales from the Colony Room book

Readings, Spouting off and Blathering about the book

The Story so far...Chelsea Arts Club 10th November 7pm slide show of the later naughty bits of the Club, Spot peoples nether regions....

Richard Stranges club Cabaret night in Paradise Kensel Green monday 19th November 2012 8pm

The Old Sohemians Monday 3rd December 2012 upstairs at the Fitzrovian pub The Wheatsheaf. 7pm

The Society Club Silver Place Soho 11th December 2012 7pm

Westminster Reference Art Library 13th December 2012 7pm

I think thats quite enough for now and if anyone has any green dresses for my my Colony green performance wardrobe....

Alice harter manager of the magic numbers amongst others.... models a Colony Green members only Cunty dress.


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